Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top lawyer for NYC: We didn't probe 9/11

New York City did nothing whatsover to investigate the events of 9/11, a senior city lawyer has reluctantly admitted in court.

Stephen Kitzinger, when asked whether the city had done such a probe, replied that the question was "irrelevant," but when pressed, conceded that the city had done nothing.

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for the full account, which came from a group seeking a ballot question asking New Yorkers whether the city should conduct such a probe.

The reporting is based on the petitioner account.

The group was in court after a referee denied its petition for a ballot question based on what appears to have been a spurious argument that, for technical reasons, it was too late to prepare the ballot. The group noted the referee's file did not even include its legal brief about why the petition should go on the ballot.

The judge holding the hearing seemed surprised that the city had done nothing. He also was unaware of some issues, such as the fact that the 9/11 commission had omitted all reference to Trade Center 7, which he apparently never heard of.

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