Friday, October 16, 2009

Google mirrors shatter

Say, that GoogleDocs upload function was pretty handy. You could copy many a web page just by typing in the URL. But today that function is gone -- from all my accounts anyway.

Wonder why Google crippled itself like that? And why didn't it announce or explain the change? I look at GoogleNews, which features numerous stories about Google, regularly, but that one didn't get coverage, it seems.

GoogleDocs has now been rendered pretty much worthless to me. Previously, the editing functions simply wouldn't work. So I got around that hassle by writing on another free service and then moving the document page to GoogleDocs, which stripped the page of ads. Other web services have this page-mirror service, so it's not as though Google's mirror service was improper.

I also find that quite frequently GoogleDocs email attachments come through garbled, with lines of type moved around or missing altogether. When I query others about these problems, their copies are OK.

I'm sure there's no conspiracy involved. Stress might make it appear that Google is playing a role in some sort of denial of service campaign. But that's silly... (although, Google has kowtowed to Chinese communists in denying services...) Well, ho-hum, anyway... (Also, it must be admitted that some of my word processor skills are at best primitive, though that fact can't account for all the bugs that emerge when I use Google services.)

Real competition might do 'em some good.

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