Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Death's borderland

I have just gotten around to posting online a short report of my impressions as the twin tower wreckage smoldered in the background.

In death's borderland

Friday, April 16, 2010

The conspiricist Daily Telegraph

A former bin Laden bodyguard is saying things that would tend to help those interested in covering up the truth about 9/11, as we learn from a recent Daily Telegraph report.

Nasser al Bahri claimed that bin Laden ordered a satellite dish so he could watch the attack on the twin towers, but that the TV signal failed. This of course implies foreknowledge by bin Laden.

The Telegraph made no effort to put the claim in context. Al Bahri was captured in Yemen in 2002 and held under house arrest, giving the CIA details of al Qaeda's inner workings... and apparently becoming a CIA disinformation operative. Much of what he said fits right in with the U.S. government's improbable conspiracy theory.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Contra censorship

Check out my new blog Lifting the veil (see link in sidebar), which is devoted to counteracting press censorship. Plenty of useful links.

As with that blog, I plan to run Google ads on this blog (if Google permits), in order to estimate the degree of censorship of this blog. Also, it should be noted, my expenses are non-zero.

From time to time I will publish items on how the experiment is going.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gates aided fight to save Soviet

Interesting that war controller Dr. Robert M. Gates, a career CIA professional, was a top national security aide to George H.W. Bush, himself a former CIA chief, at the time the Bush White House and Jim Baker's State Department were scrambling in a vain effort to forestall the collapse of the Soviet Union. Interesting that Gates wasn't repulsed and didn't feel a need to step down.

In that period, Gates, who had been nominated to head the CIA in May 1991, was confirmed by the Senate in November 1991, about the time that Boris Yeltsin banned the Communist Party in Russia. Bush administration efforts may have helped in the premature restoration of that party, supposedly in the name of democracy.

Gates headed the CIA into the first Clinton administration at a time the CIA was obstructing implementation of a law passed during the late days of the presidential campaign requiring the CIA to release JFK assassination records.

As CIA chief, Gates apparently was unaware of top-level communist penetration of the agency until a mole-hunting task force eventually bagged Aldrich Ames and his wife. However, the warnings of Soviet moles went back to the days of President Reagan's first CIA head, William Casey (who once worked for a Marxist socialist think tank).

Monday, April 5, 2010

Novak's dark observations

The late Robert D. Novak's memoir is filled with fascinating bits of political and journalistic history.

In "The Prince of Darkness," a sobriquet given him decades ago in part because of his saturnine visage, he tells of earning the wrath of neocon Norman Podhoretz for his column of Sept. 11, 2001, in which he quoted an intelligence outfit that said the state of Israel, whether by design or not, had gained the most that day.

Neocon David Frum later wrote an attack on him, Novak relates, for his opposition to the planned invasion of Iraq. Once the neocons consolidated their takeover of Bill Buckley's National Review, Novak's long association with the conservative journal went dead, he says. In fact, the Israelophiles did everything they could to marginalize him, a tactic that has been used -- not only by neocons and Bushites but by the neocons' strange allies on the hard left -- against all U.S. journalists who have not kowtowed to the official line about 9/11.

Novak also says that neocon Richard Perle made it clear shortly after 9/11 that he saw the attacks as an opportunity to push his hawkish Middle East agenda, with Congress hankering for a strike at any terror-tainted target, guilty of 9/11 or not. Interestingly, Novak relates, Bill Clinton got on famously with now jailed neocon media mogul Conrad Black. Clinton of course has been a major force in 9/11 coverup.

Novak is one of the few American journalists to point out that George H.W. Bush and his secretary of state, Jim Baker, frantically maneuvered to save Soviet communism, arguing that a Russia under Yeltsin would be incapable of safeguarding the Red nuclear arsenal.

(All my comments here should be read in light of the fact that I was compelled to use a doctored copy planted by some peculiar group. See post below.)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cyberattacks on journalists

For quite some time now, I have felt like a voice crying in the wilderness with my public complaints about numerous cyberattacks on my Yahoo and Google accounts, along with virus bombs directed to my computers.

But now Andrew Jacobs of the New York Times http://nytimes.com/ reports that hackers have attacked his account and the accounts of other reporters, along with activists, whose writings don't conform to China's Communist Party line. Yahoo, which has servers in China, wouldn't tell the Times what was going on.
Jacobs added that increasingly virus bombs are being used to target specific persons in order to thwart their views or reports from dissemination. (Recently I have thrown out yet another computer hampered by such a malware bomb, despite my efforts to avoid such trickery.)

Jacobs notes that the attacks could stem from somewhere other than China.

The cyberattacks on the Times and others may be more pervasive than Jacobs' story indicates. In a remarkable situation, I have a copy of Arthur Gelbs' memoir "City Room" borrowed from a public library in the New York region. It has been extensively tampered with by someone clearly intent on snubbing the Times and its professionalism.

Gelb, a onetime Times rewriteman who went on to rebuild a crack rewrite bank, has his copy mangled in ways that are simply impossible. For example, the word "transpired" is used at one point to mean "happened," which all New York newspaperpeople know is a journalistic no-no of the first order. And, the book is littered with the word "since" to mean "because" not a few times, but extensively. It is evident that, in many cases, the leading clause is mangled; that is, "Having done so and so..." is changed to read "Since so and so was done..."

Gelb, a former top Times editor, had access to the best copyreaders anywhere. So it is apparent that this book is a counterfeit, intended to make the Times look defenseless. It is easy enough, with modern computer technology, to "instant publish" such a travesty.

I plan to alert Jacobs to this matter, but I don't expect much response.

From the same library I have a copy of Robert Novak's memoir, "The Prince of Darkness." I haven't examined it closely yet, but I intend to do so.

APRIL 1, 2010.

I realize that some may consider the report above to be an April fool hoax, but it is not. I haven't time for such trivia.

I sent out an email to all relevant NY Times addresses and got one robo-response. Otherwise, nothing. Neither has a call been received from anyone at the Times.

BTW, some months back, someone entered one of my (now defunct) Yahoo accounts and deleted my copy of a New York Times list of reporter and editor email addresses. The Times had ceased to publish that list.

APRIL 5, 2010

On page 397 of "City Room" is found: "I agreed it was quite possible, aware that--like most reporters who had covered the police beat--of what often transpired behind the closed doors of a precinct interrogation room." No New York newspaperman would have written that.

As for "The Prince of Darkness," we have:

Page 173: "What transpired in Pittsburgh after the LeMay announcement produced one of the most bizarre moments in my half century of covering politics."

Page 282: "But with Chris half a foot taller than me, my feeble punch landed on his chest and fellow journalists grabbed us before anything more serious transpired."

Page 541: "I said I did not either, and I did not envision CNN as a possible bidder considering what had transpired so far."

Surely Novak in his early years as an AP reporter learned to avoid that word, once a favorite of police officers trying to sound educated. Surely his editor, a longtime editor for Readers Digest, would have stricken it had he seen it.

Novak of course was detested by the super-neocon Israelophiles and the ultra-left, but I am uncertain as to the motive for these childish alterations.

To report cyberattacks of this sort, either post a comment, or phone me on my cell at

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Spook wars: Is CIA up or down?

It seems as though some clandestine unit with reach inside media is determined to make the CIA look bad. Otherwise, how to explain the repeated stories claiming "bin Laden said" thus and such.

If bin Laden is really dead, as has been widely reported by counterterrorism experts, then why the need to resurrect him? Well, if you're a top spook, in, say, the Pentagon, who wants more of Panetta's pie, you have a reason to embarrass the CIA and manipulate cooperative reporters and editors. How could the CIA be doing such a bad job with bin Laden when it has been allegedly capturing other terrorist chiefs with abandon?

The CIA however isn't taking this affront to its dignity lying down. The world has just learned (was Panetta ABC's source?) that a top Iranian nuclear scientist is living in Mecca and working for the CIA.

Keep posted.