Sunday, February 14, 2010

Obama reported to OK civilian trial

UPI reports that Obama has decided on civilian trial for the men accused of being part of the 9/11 attacks.
The news agency quoted an official who spoke on condition of anonymity. However Veep Biden told a TV audience today that the White house hadn't ruled out a military tribunal.

Biden was responding to a charge by Cheney that Obama is soft on terrorists, a charge that is being used to smear the right of fair trial by the 9/11 suspects. It's the old "guilty people don't deserve fair trials" ploy.

Responding to political pressure against holding the trial at the federal courthouse next to the demolished trade center site, the White House is considering where the trial might be held, the agency said.

If UPI's report is accurate, there would be at least a fair chance of the defense lawyers ripping apart the government's fairy tales (and Cheney's crazed claims), and we could not in this instance properly accuse Obama of meddling in the truth-finding. Obviously, we don't expect the organs of propaganda to report anything that troubles the government hocus pocus. But we can hope that others will report the trial objectively.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

President O'Coverup

Obama is seriously considering overruling the attorney general and ordering military tribunal trials for the al Qaeda suspects accused of participating in the 9/11 attacks, according to Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman.

This is a predictable outcome. The organs of propaganda have been promoting this idea relentlessly, and various ruthless politicians have made an issue of the "danger" of permitting suspects to have regular trials.

It's quite interesting that when the Pentagon-intelligence system wants or doesn't want something, the White House nearly always caves in. What that clique doesn't want is to permit defense lawyers to tear the government's conspiracy theories to shreds in open court. They want a slam dunk show trial, with all the show on the government's side.

Again, we need to begin to try to persuade people to bypass the organs of propaganda, or to at least learn to take their messages with quite a few grains of salt.

News flashes to cell phones might be arranged that aren't too pricey. That is, we need alternative media to find ways to exploit the new technologies and bypass the organs of propaganda.

Friday, February 12, 2010


The organs of propaganda were used effectively to frighten a Texas political candidate, Debra Medina, into effectively eating crow about 9/11 skepticism. The organs of propaganda demand that all politicians kowtow to the official line or be (allegedly) discredited.

Politicians need media coverage and so they fear being held up to public ridicule. But, we need "new politicians" -- perhaps young people -- who scorn the establishment media and operate through various forms of internet networking, following the example set by Iranian dissidents.

We need a new breed of politician who see ridicule by the organs of propaganda as a badge of honor, who laugh derisively at these phonies.

It may seem impossible to bypass the press bottlenecks. But it isn't. We need people to start thinking in new ways.

For example, it is now possible to receive videos by cell-phone. Advertisers are already eager to exploit this capability and provide "free" videos. New politicians, who scorn the system's media, might make use of this application also.

It's kind of fun to take note of the fact that this Medina hoohah erupted immediately after my post below, which appeared on OpEd News and which also went out to a number of professional journalists. Was the whole thing whipped up to show media mastery over political life and to nip our suggestions in the bud? Wow, if true, that would be cool because it would mean the control freaks are scared stiff.

Fight to win!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whither 9/11 truth and justice?

New matter appended Feb 8, 2010 concerning press bottlenecks


Who stands to gain from forcing the administration to try the 9/11 suspects in a military tribunal, where standards of evidence are lower? A vigorous defense in civilian court would put the true conspirators to shame, as the Moussoui trial showed.

Rather than worry about pesky inconsistencies getting before the public, why not hold quick show trials under tight Pentagon control?

Some of the pressure to block the trials is mere opportunistic fear-mongering by amoral politicians, but we can be sure that some of the flack has its source in Control Central, which seeks to keep America blind and dumb.

So what's the next move for those of us who remain outraged at the high-handed misconduct -- treason -- of the covert control freaks.

Two ideas:

* A citizens commission  -- not appointed by a government entity -- to reinvestigate the facts of the 9/11 attacks. The panel should be composed of several people, from the left, right and center, with substantial credentials for such an inquiry. They should review all published evidence, interview witnesses and carry out experiments, as needed. They should publish a final report.

* A board of scientific inquiry -- again, not appointed by a government entity -- to thoroughly review the investigations of the collapses of the twin towers and Building 7 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The aim would be to determine whether scientific fraud has been committed. If outright fraud is not determined, the experts should still assess whether the conclusions were warranted and honestly presented.

I would suggest that well-known 9/11 activists should not be appointed to such panels, though we should have no hard-and-fast ban and consider appointments on a case by case basis. We may need to exploit emeritus professors who are no longer worried about career obstacles and also because we want our panelists to be volunteers, beholden to no one.

The matter of organizing such inquiries should be handled carefully in order to guard against infiltration and takeover by adversaries, and this brings us to the matter of funding. I favor funding by small individual contributions in order to try to limit the impact of excessively egotistical personalities who might involve themselves in such endeavors.

But, you say, talk is cheap. What about making it happen? Yes, about all I can do is offer ideas. But surely there are others far more gifted than am I who are able to organize such actions effectively. Well, please do.

And don't think that it must be left to Americans. Citizens of every country that has felt the impact of the "war on terror" have an interest in conducting such inquiries. Then, the various indpendent inquiries will help to form a global voice in favor of 9/11 truth and justice, and reprimanding cowardly, controlled media.

That sounds as though I have prejudged the outcomes of the inquiries. True, I am very confident that reasonable investigators will find nothing but garbage in the official claims concerning 9/11.

Feb 8, 2010:
Bypassing the press bottlenecks

I have noticed that a number of 9/11 activists think that they can reach their objectives if only they could convince the mass media to cover the relevant facts in an objective way.

What they don't seem to fully grasp is that the mass media are the "organs of propaganda" of an invisible or semi-visible system composed of the super-powerful, whether they be business titans, national security officers, political action types, mobsters, communists or whomever has heavy duty clout.

The honest people in the media are for the most part intimidated into averting their gaze while the system encourages intellectual perverts and shills of every sort to wage propaganda war against 9/11 truth.

Yes, once the Powers that Be are in disarray, or once there is a major chink in the armor of one or the other of them, the press will go into a feeding frenzy. But, the 9/11 masterminds were relatively sure they could control the media, and, indeed, after a period of tension, they were able to use damage containment techniques to wall off problems.

And they will stop at nothing to keep the mass media muzzled. Their whole theory of power requires control of media, enhanced by all sorts of psy-op funny business to keep the public confused and off their scent.

On the other hand, we must admit that, from time to time, responsible journalists will see to it that 9/11 critics get a fair say. But, once that say appears, it's back to playing dumb.

These occasional efforts of honest journalists mean there is yet hope that the 9/11 masterminds will slip up and be unable to contain the firestorm that erupts.

BUT, in the meantime, we must also work to bypass the politico-media system.

Some ideas:

* Use alternative media, such as Op-Ed News and IndyMedia, that are open to 9/11 criticism.

* Be on the lookout  for interactive new media sites that blend print and video and that are hungry for content.

* If you are able, do your best to cover the 9/11 trials and post your reports on the internet. Perhaps this will help keep "establishment" reporting honest (and maybe not).

* Whenever possible, try to obtain good relationships with professional reporters -- even if they can write relatively little about 9/11 truth -- whether they work for alternative or system media. The upcoming al Qaeda trials provide a good opportunity for this. That is, a reporter might be able to call you for background concerning matters that are raised (probably by the defense) during the trial.

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