Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KRM, champion of America's right to know

K. Rupert Murdoch, a mastermind of the 9/11 treason coverup, is indignant that he can't get no respect from the Obama White House.

How dare the White House scold us? KRM's co-conspirators snort. We dish it out! We don't have to take it!

Why, that Obama gang is trying to MUZZLE THE PRESS, rages the KRM crew. It's really terrible that a government unit would try to RUN THE NEWS MEDIA, by DELEGITIMIZING the great journalist KRM.

The government wants to turn us into nobodies because it is covering up terrible things! (Except not about 9/11. In that case, the government is telling the GOD'S HONEST TRUTH.)

Others in the news business should RUSH TO OUR AID in the name of defending FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. (We'll get back to you on why we haven't rushed to the aid of journalists forced to the margins for news reports that were too pointed or commentary that was too assertive.)

Obama's people can't distinguish between commentary and reporting, the KRM crew says.

True, says the White House, it is hard to tell the difference when viewing or reading KRM's tales. Balloon boys and the like may wow the audience, but who is checking facts at KRM offices?

True to form, we have problems with Google. This time it's their news and blog alerts. Allegedly, no blogger or news outlet has vigorously defended the White House. Only alerts favoring Fox are delivered. This is consistent with previous experiences of political filtering by Google, which, like Murdoch, has been highly accommodating of Chinese communism. My blog is barred from Google alerts. I suppose a notional case can be made that not enough people read it; yet, I've seen some pretty obscure stuff in Google alerts.

What have Britons learned about the row between Obama and a tycoon with a strong hand on Britain's media?

Nothing at all from Murdoch's prestigious Times of London or his wild tabloid, the Daily Mirror. At any rate, a search of those sites turned up nothing concerning the feud. Evidently Murdoch , a former British Commonwealth citizen, believes that the British have better things to do than read about a wild melee between a British media tycoon and the president of the United States.

Yes, KRM, defender of the people's right to know...

Karl Rove and Lamar Alexander have jumped into the fray, using all their partisan wiles to defend Fox from the charge that it is a partisan political outfit masquerading as a news organization. Hey, somewhere around here is an old post about Rove at a Tennessee GOP event that, in a precedent, excluded the press. Back then, he was too hot for public dissemination, I suppose.

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