Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Math phobics can't calculate 9/11 treason

I don't suppose that everybody in the media and government system who subscribes to the Murdoch theory of 9/11 is a witting member of a subversive conspiracy.

Quite a few of them are certain to be the math phobics who leave the technicalities to others. Hence, they are easily persuaded by what mathematicians and physicists call "hand-waving arguments."

It's quite possible that former Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey fits into that category. Mukasey's argument that normal human rights safeguards shouldn't apply to persons branded as terrorists may well stem from an inability to process forensic evidence independently because of a shallow mathematical background.

Unfortunately, math phobia is rampant among journalists, lawyers and government policy makers. So they are inclined to conceal their educational and knowledge deficits by agreeing to what a controlled group of "experts" alleges.

But then one is left with people such as Rep. Rush Holt, a physicist, who in a letter to me said that he hadn't seen any specific evidence that the three World Trade Center towers were downed by controlled demolition. This sort of evasiveness serves the murderers well. Holt knows perfectly well he doesn't need to see bits of 9/11 rubble in order to discern a treasonous cover-up. Can it be that he hasn't bothered to do the math either?

And there is math that shows the collapses are extraordinarily strange. Check my 9/11 reports links on this page.

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