Monday, August 24, 2009

A tortuous path

The bait and switch, if that's what was up, has been aborted: a special prosecutor has been assigned to look into CIA torture activities and the 2004 torture report has been released.

The report was unavailable via the Justice Dept. web page, though Holder's statement regarding it was there. I tried to view a PDF at the Washington Post but the document got lost in my laptop; however I was able to glance at a legible copy at the Washington Independent and my first impression was, boy, there's an awful lot blacked out.

Anyway, at least Obama doesn't come off looking like a typical political trickster. To the good.

But, on the downside: the prosecutor assigned the task was appointed by Mukasey to look into the CIA's erasure of videotapes of interrogations. Mukasey made clear that he fully backed the anything-goes attitude for suspected terrorists and had been an adviser to Giuliani's presidential campaign. So I wonder how much we can really expect from a Mukasey choice.

Everyone keeps trying to change the subject when we mention that the government's shaky tale about 9/11 largely rests on statements made under torture. And, in fact, the peculiar tale woven by the CIA and the FBI for the 9/11 commission is based on the synopses (no tapes, no transcripts) of statements made under torture. On close inspection, this narrative makes very little sense.

So do you suppose this prosecutor will notice that the 9/11 tale is absurd and that traitors are being shielded? Do you suppose he'll bring indictments against intelligence people involved in the mass murders of 9/11? Don't hold your breath.

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