Thursday, August 6, 2009

Frankly, these 'journalists' scare me

Though not that much. I'm accustomed to all their propaganda ploys.

The Times of London had an answer for the post below. It ran a wild-eyed, hand-waving nasty nasty by James Bone titled "Frankly, these conspiracists scare me" associating 9/11 skeptics with irrelevant controversies. Ie., the good ol' smear tactic.
Well, I suppose I can infer that someone is reading this blog and is very worried by the impact. Or, perhaps the acute timing was merely coincidental.
But I like to think that conspirators are running scared and rushed to plug a major breach in their wall of lies.
Plus, I don't necessarily think that Murdoch ordered that story. I think Bone and his editors may find that they are being maneuvered into a Murdochian black hole, where they'll have no power and will eventually be eased out.
Truth in blogging: My piece appeared the morning of Aug. 4 Eastern daylight savings time. The Bone piece appeared the same day -- possibly following my post. At any rate, there is reason to believe that Bone and his editors had access to an earlier version of this post, though, technically, I think, they're not supposed to break certain embargoes. (If you don't know what that means, write to me and I'll try to explain.)

Ha ha.
Just saw Gail Collins' column in the New York Times. Mixing a bit of sci fi with politics, she manages to make sport of Obama criticism. And, she wiggles in black holes and the large hadron collider.
So that convinces me that journalists read my blogs. Take a look at my other blog Kryptograff at, wherein I mutter that now black holes seem to have made the Times' squelch list.

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