Thursday, August 20, 2009

National Geographic: a Pentagon asset

National Geographic Channel is presenting what we already can see is a counter-attack against 9/11 skeptics.

The special will use "forensic science" to knock down various conspiracy theories. Their experts will also address the question of why so many people don't trust the government and " believe in" conspiracy theories.

It's that question that shows the bias. So we expect to see psychologists explaining how are unconscious minds deceive us, or some such. But, lest we forget, the Pentagon employs batteries of psywar experts with psychology degrees. Though it's true that some people are unduly credulous, still the real reason so many people "believe in" conspiracy (i.e., don't believe the government), is because the system (Pentagon-media establishment) hasn't got a handle on the what to do about the First Amendment and the internet.

NG also will address the question of whether a missile, rather than a jetliner, struck the Pentagon. Here we have a typical propaganda trick. Set up a straw man and knock it down. What of the possibility of 1. a bomb (which is what the FBI initially said was the cause); 2. a small plane, which is what an FBI-released security videotape appears to show?

We know why NG is using the concept of "forensic science" in their counter-attack. To divert attention from the NIST's failure to use basic forensic procedures in its investigation into how the towers collapsed.

We also know that NG's "forensic science" will never properly address the issue of entropy, no doubt the claim being that the topic is too difficult for a general audience. Yet, it is the scientific application of this concept that shows the absurdity of the official claims. (Please see my other blog,, for a discussion of this matter, and have an off-the-record conversation with a physicist or two.)

I'd like to pose the question of where the money is coming from to pay for the various Pentagon shills posing as media people. I wonder. And if the National Geographic propagandists didn't receive bribes, then they must be ideologically motivated. We do know that the neocons and their purported enemy, the communists, are two sources of hostility to telling the truth about 9/11.

The Pentagon black budgets are just too big. How is it that the very large media operate pretty much like legs of an octopus with a single brain and that, when it comes to treason, media organizations are fanatically in favor of shielding the true killers?

Yet, those who push the official line should beware. The tide will turn, as it has on significant 9/11-linked issues, such as the rationalizations for the Iraq war and the use of "enhanced interrogations" to elicit a very shaky story from captives that was used by the 9/11 commission. (The commission was never allowed to interview the captives or have access to anything but CIA synopses of what they purportedly said.)

By the way, do you suppose National Geographic will point out that at least three 9/11 commissioners, including both co-chairmen, have cast serious doubt on the commission's narrative of what allegedly happened?

An example of someone who can only be a Pentagon shill is Noah Shachtman, writing in the current issue of Wired magazine. The sub-head gives an accurate appraisal of the tenor of the article: "A strange new Air Force facility creates enough energy to control the ionosphere -- but not the conspiracy theorists."

Schactman, who is obviously well-versed in the subject of the ionosphere-heating HAARP facility in Alaska, manages to concede many of Alaska writer Nick Begich's points while implying that Begich is nevertheless a crank. Schactman goes to great lengths to use vituperative put-downs, such as "tin-foil hat crowd" and "conspiracist," terms commonly used by those running interference for the Pentagon concerning 9/11.

In fact, I would have been much more likely to have respected Shachtman's idea that the HAARP conspiracy theories are overblown had he not been so skilfully dirty.

Among the major worries is that HAARP might be used for weather warfare by altering the path of the jet stream. Many other experiments are being done at HAARP of course. Still, it IS a classified facility.

In fact, the Pentagon has only ever permitted one journalist into HAARP's perimeter.

Guess who?

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