Friday, February 12, 2010


The organs of propaganda were used effectively to frighten a Texas political candidate, Debra Medina, into effectively eating crow about 9/11 skepticism. The organs of propaganda demand that all politicians kowtow to the official line or be (allegedly) discredited.

Politicians need media coverage and so they fear being held up to public ridicule. But, we need "new politicians" -- perhaps young people -- who scorn the establishment media and operate through various forms of internet networking, following the example set by Iranian dissidents.

We need a new breed of politician who see ridicule by the organs of propaganda as a badge of honor, who laugh derisively at these phonies.

It may seem impossible to bypass the press bottlenecks. But it isn't. We need people to start thinking in new ways.

For example, it is now possible to receive videos by cell-phone. Advertisers are already eager to exploit this capability and provide "free" videos. New politicians, who scorn the system's media, might make use of this application also.

It's kind of fun to take note of the fact that this Medina hoohah erupted immediately after my post below, which appeared on OpEd News and which also went out to a number of professional journalists. Was the whole thing whipped up to show media mastery over political life and to nip our suggestions in the bud? Wow, if true, that would be cool because it would mean the control freaks are scared stiff.

Fight to win!

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