Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ted's sad state of denial

In his memoirs, Kennedy says he accepted the Warren commission's version of his brother's assassination and stuck with that belief, according to reports.

Assuming he wasn't being cagey and asking us to read between the lines, then we must conclude that the emotionally scarred survivor lived his life in a state of delusion. Had he not done so, family honor would have intruded and compelled him to fight the conspirators.

Three brothers were war casualties. Joe was killed in World War II and Jack and Bobby were killed in the Cold War.

It is impossible for an informed person to believe the Warren commission got it right. But Ted must have had a strong emotional need to believe the lie -- the better to survive and get on with his life.

Do you suppose Teddy would have lasted all these years in the Senate had he publicly voiced doubts about his brothers' murders? "The group" would have had him neutralized. As long as he ate doo-d00, he could play ball.

Sorry to be harsh. It's the truth.

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