Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Report: Rowley rips Tenet for torture conflict

FBI whistleblower Colleen Rowley yesterday accused former CIA chief George Tenet of a conflict of interest in his call to cancel a probe of stressful CIA interrogations, according to web reports.

Rowley joined a group of intelligence professionals who, in a letter to President Obama, backed Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to assign the interrogation investigation to Special Counsel John Durham, according to a document posted by Common Dreams. The letter was in response to a letter earlier this month from seven former CIA chiefs urging Obama to order Holder to drop the probe.

Yesterday's letter said that "some" of the former CIA chiefs "were cognizant of and involved in decisions" that led to abuses, singling out George Tenet as "the chief enabler of torture."

The writers said "personal accountability is vital to maintaining an effective intelligence service" and argued against focusing only on "bad apples at the bottom of the barrel."

See http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/09/28-7

Needles and pins
I decided to change subscription options to various State Dept., EPA, National Science Foundation and Pentagon freebies. I noticed that all but the Pentagon required my email address before they could process my request. Apparently, the Pentagon already knew who I was.

A few days ago, I copied some of my Angelfire pages to Google documents. When I tried to do so again, I got two different pages telling me it couldn't be done. One Google page said the pages I was attempting to move were corrupt or wrongly formatted. In another instance, a Google error came up saying no such page existed, even though I carefully checked the URL.

What pages was I attempting to shift? My 9/11 reports.

I just tried to transfer two of my Angelfire pages that did not concern 9/11. No problem!

[After I published this post, the problem seemed to correct itself. But when I tried to reproduce a major report, the same hassle occurred. I then tried altering the web address slightly -- deleting the "www." That worked, indicating that the usual address had code attached prohibiting transfer. Still, I don't know what's going on, but past experience tells me there will be continuing problems trying to disseminate pages that find fault with government security agencies.]

 I'll try to use copy and paste. But, funny things happen with that process, too.

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