Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time for political action on 9/11 coverup

What is to be done about the silence of reporters and the jeering of commentators concerning 9/11 coverup?

Neither major political party is interested in bringing the 9/11 traitors to justice because the issue is seen as a career death warrant. Politicians respond to what the press legitimizes as issues; lawmakers also respond to the big influxes of money from 9/11 coverup interests, such as AIPAC and its allies.

Without profound political changes, in the unlikely event Congress backs a new investigation of 9/11, the result would simply be more coverup.

This blog has already called for a panel of scientists to review the NIST investigations to see whether scientific fraud or deception occurred and for a citizens' commission to review the entire matter.

Beyond that, we need committed and talented people to back candidates willing to stand up and chastise government 9/11 inquiries, candidates who are prepared to take the heat or cope with the lack of coverage from big media.

Use the internet fundraising skills that went into Obama's campaign (and before that, into Ron Paul's campaign) to build a war chest for backing such candidates.

Our strategy is not to win most races, or even any race, but to SPOIL chances of either Democrat or Republican, by insisting on promoting the 9/11 coverup issue via the candidates we back. Congress and the White House will hear us, no matter how the media ducks. We want to begin to force meaningful congressional and-or White House action. We want to nudge scaredy-cat main party candidates to start speaking up.

It's a strategy well worth trying. We won't get anything done if we don't try. Congress only respects political power. This is something we must channel and create.

Don't give in to defeatism. Back in the late nineties, the term limits movement had made enormous gains amidst a virtual national media blackout. It was only when the snowball got too big to ignore that coverage broke into the "establishment media." The same happened with the adoption by many states of "right to pack" laws.  We are not talking about the merits of those issues, of course, but making the point that media blackouts can and do fail.

I'm not in a position to undertake such a campaign. But some of you are. Go for it.

Recently the House implicitly reprimanded the FBI, suggesting it covered up the facts about the anthrax attacks. But the House was too weak to do anything more than ask the intelligence chief to have another look, to see whether there was foreign involvement. This is a far cry from a real congressional investigation and unlikely to lead to much. But it shows that Congress has no faith in the security system, despite its inability to do much about it.

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  1. I just saw something that said Huffington Post had yanked a conspiracy column by Jesse Ventura with a note that said Huffington Post prohibits such material. Now who most likely controls these "liberals"? A valid guess is elements associated with the "ex" KGB.